How Often Should Grease Traps Be Pumped?

A properly functioning grease trap is the unseen backbone of a commercial kitchen. Most grease traps go completely unnoticed until they fail, requiring expensive service. We here at CST recommend you get your grease trap cleaned at least every 90 days to avoid any issues. Larger establishments should consider increments of 60 or even 45 days, to prevent overfilling or clogging your grease trap. The best way to keep your grease trap in healthy condition is to schedule regular cleaning and maintenance. Our grease trap pumping service is affordable, comprehensive, and reliable. We provide our customers peace of mind knowing that they do not have to worry about their grease traps. We also provide complete grease trap repair, replacement, and installation services.

Ohio Laws on Grease Trap Pumping

It is against the law to not have your grease trap serviced in Ohio. All restaurants must have grease traps installed for safety reasons. EPA also requires that owners have their grease trap pumped every 90 days. Grease is a pollutant that falls under Ohio’s water protection laws. If grease is mixed with the city’s storm water, it could be traced back to the offending restaurant. The cost of grease trap pumping services is much lower than the fines from your city for grease pollution.